Perpetual Cards - Keep Safe

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Those who have bought Perpetual Membership have received a member's card through which the rewards scheme can be operated i.e. attend six films and get entry to the seventh without charge.

Each time a Perpetual Member attends a film they will need to produce their membership card at the admissions desk, where it will be stamped as part of the rewards process. Once the card has been stamped six times (six attendances), it should be retained and produced by the member at the next film they attend (seventh). It will then be accepted as entrance to that film free of charge. The card will be destroyed by a committee member and a new card issued to the member, so that the rewards process can continue on. 


Please keep your cards safe. It is the responsibility of the member to produce their card to be stamped at each individual film event they attend, until the card is taken at the seventh film. There can be no retrospective stamping i.e. if you fail to produce your card at an event, that stamp cannot be made up at the next event. 




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